Bovine Endometritis - Free Webinar

After a short break, we are back with another Bovine webinar with expert, Giovanni Gnemmi.

Bovine Endometritis, 5th of October 2021, 6pm BST.

The webinar is dedicated to ultrasound diagnosis of clinical chronicle inflammation of the uterus, or endometritis. Endometritis is a very important chapter in bovine reproductive management because of the impact this pathology has on production, reproduction and therefore on the overall economy of the herd. In this webinar, Giovanni will explain how to make a correct diagnosis of clinical endometritis, i.e. a purulent and mucus-purulent endometritis. He will present some special cases of clinical endometritis, such as uterine calculi and try to explain how to optimise our work as sonographers also in this type of diagnosis. The aim is to make a correct and rapid diagnosis and above all to try to understand the risk factors that led to its onset. Giovanni G Bovine Endometritis AUG21

In the webinar, Giovanni will also give general indications on the therapeutic approach, based on evidence and not on personal experience.  

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Who is Giovanni Gnemmi?

Dr. Giovanni Gnemmi  is a veterinarian who works for BOVINEVET INTERNACIONAL  and he’s an associate professor of bovine reproductive pathology at the veterinary faculty of the Catholic University of Valencia, Spain. Dr. Gnemmi has been working with ultrasonography in cattle since 1993. Dr. Gnemmi's fields of interest are reproductive management, preventive medicine, and continuing education of farm and veterinary workers. In these areas of expertise, he has developed international experience, both as a consultant for large and very large dairy farms in Europe, South America, China, the Middle East and as an instructor in more than 300 training courses around the world. He has numerous publications, many of them in peer-reviewed journals, and has presented approximately 280 invited lectures at national and international conferences.

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