IMV volunteers at the Prince and Princess of Wales' Hospice

IMV imaging have been committed to improving animal care for over 35 years and in support the company's CSR team have been out and about doing some volunteering!

The day was arranged through Social Good Connect and will hopefully be just the start of many more to come.


Getting back out there

It's been a while since we've done any volunteering but with a rejuvenated CSR team on board the time had finally arrived. Our colleague Pamela had signed up with Social Good Connect as she was keen to volunteer herself. One of the suggestions which came back was to help out the Prince and Princess of Wales' Hospice. After looking into this further Pamela discovered this would be a great opportunity for the whole CSR team to get involved and lead by example, demonstrating how IMV imaging staff can use the Social Good Connect platform to find worthwhile, interesting volunteering opportunities which fit in with your lifestyle. Within a few days it was  arranged for the team to help out at the hospice's local warehouse just a short drive from head office in Bellshill. 

Getting started

We arrived at the warehouse at 10am and met the wonderful warehouse manager Arlene who gave us a brief overview of the work which the hospice does and what happens at the warehouse.

hospice entrance-1

We were given a quick tour of the facility and were shocked at the sheer size and moved by the number of donations received. Unfortunately for the charity though, processing the donations isn't easy. With just a small number of very enthusiastic and motivated regular workers simply getting through, sorting and arranging the donations for store delivery was a feat in itself.

This is where the CSR team (and other volunteers) come in. We were able to help out with sifting through, organising and tidying up the donations provided. We were chuffed to help sort out the toys and games area. When we arrived you could barely see the floor for the mass of puzzles, books, soft toys, jigsaw puzzles and other games. We started on the jigsaw puzzles and after a few hours had managed to make an improvement and now had the puzzles sorted by number of pieces. Throughout the day, the team chatted, reminisced about donated toys which we or our families had had so much fun with as well as gained an appreciation for the joy and value this activity was going to bring to other families in need. 


At the end of the day we weren't sore or tired but full of enthusiasm for the work we'd done and just so happy that we were able to help out the team at the warehouse (who kept us amused with their banter and cheery faces).

You might not have thought that volunteering was for you, certainly some of us didn't, but after giving it a go we changed our minds and given the chance, maybe you will too...


The Prince and Princess of Wales' Hospice


The Prince & Princess of Wales Hospice supports 1200 patients and their families every year to achieve the best quality of life.

Glasgow's Hospice currently cares for people from a geographical area that spans South Glasgow including East Renfrewshire with a population of about 345,000.

Where it may not be possible to add days to lives, the hospice aim to add life to days.

If you are interested in volunteering for the hospice please contact their Volunteer Services Manager,

Emily Carr, on 0141 429 9881 or email


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