5 star review for the Duo-Scan:Go Plus

We are always delighted to hear from our customers about how they are getting on with the equipment they have purchased from IMV imaging and were thrilled to read this particular review on the Duo-Scan:Go Plus. It is always great to hear that a change in equipment has had such a positive impact on productivity and workflow on farm. 

"I am 46 years old and my dad had his own breeding farm in Denmark, I have worked on several farms in Denmark. I have been working with sows/pigs all my life. In 2006 I left Denmark and since then I have worked in Ukraine, Moldova, Cameroon, Iowa, China , Hong Kong, Latvia, Finland and Russia.

For the last 18 months, I have been working for DanBred as a tech manager in Russia, I visit several companies in Russia, but now my focus is Rusagro in Tambov.

The Duo-Scan:Go Plus is awesome. To understand why it’s awesome, is if we compare that when I was a young boy we had only Pregtone, there wasn’t any scanner on the market, then we got the ultrasound scanner, and it was really a game changer. And now we have the Duo-Scan:Go Plus, this is a game changer again because I have a much clearer scan picture.

I can scan 40 % of the sows on day 18-19, and see that they are pregnant, on day 21 there is no doubt if the sow is pregnant or not.

DSG+ SOW 21d image-121 day pregnancy captured with DSG+

The probe has a bigger area than a traditional scanner, so you only have to make contact with the probe and the bag of the stomach and then you have the scan picture. It is not like a traditional scanner where you need to rotate your hand. The advantage in this is that the sows, especially the gilts, will not even notice that you are scanning.


  • I am using 30% less time on scanning
  • I can record each sow
  • I can save a screen shot of the scan picture and then add it to the sow card.

It’s wireless and weighs only 250 grams so in a ESF system, it’s really useful, because the gilts a maybe a bit more nervous when you are trying to scan them, but with the Duo-Scan:Go Plus they do not even see that you are scanning.”

This testimonial is a personal recommendation from Brian Vendelboe and is not affiliated with DanBred or Rusagro.

Brian Vendelboe


>>Check out the Duo-Scan:Go Plus here.

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