ICAR 2020 + 2

Over the last few days of June, some of the IMV team took a trip to Bologna, Italy for the International Congress of Animal Reproduction. 

2 years late

This meeting had been postponed for 2 years so we were delighted to finally make the trip and engage in a scientific event, allowing us to stay close to the new findings and trends in the industry.  The congress was jam packed with lectures and talks covering a huge range of species and we were inspired to hear of the time and dedication that has gone in to the research. 

IMV Technologies hosted three seminars where we met with customers and likeminded individuals. One particular seminar hosted by Imaging employee, Lee Cairns was on Reproduction Technologies of the Future in the Data Driven Bovine Industry. As a group, we are very focused on the future of the bovine industry and ensuring that we are designing solutions fit for the future. 

Lee speech

Lee's presentation discussed how as a group, our wide range of equipment means we can support and add value to the entire reproduction cycle; from collection to calving. At every touch point of the reproduction cycle, data is collected and for any business it is so important that this data is collected and used in a meaningful way. Understanding what is going on within your herd is vital for making valuable business decisions that will improve productivity and profitability. 

Female condition and birth outcome


One area of particular interest to attendees was our latest software release, Scan-Share. Scan-Share allows vets and technicians using the Easi-Scan:Go ultrasound scanner to instantly visualise cow key performance indicators in the scanner's viewing device, such as a phone or our head-mounted goggles. Scan-Share technology allows the farmer to push vital data contained within their Farm Management System to their vet or technician scanning their cows. 

The Farm Management System contains a wealth of information about the herd and individual cow yet there isn't a seamless way to share that information with one of the most important visitors to the farm; the vet. The data displays in the BUG viewing device whilst scanning, allowing the scanner to make better informed decisions about the condition of the cow. 

If you are interested in learning more about Scan-Share, let us know in the form at the bottom of this page. 


Technologies Seminars

The other two seminars hosted by IMV Technologies were; 

Strategy to Improve Bovine Fertility: Use of Animal Free Protein Medium presented by Lucie Gavin-Plagne

Bacterial Control in Swine Semen presented by Perrine Nogues and Aranxta Aechegarary

We would like to thank everyone who attended the sessions hosted by IMV Technologies and Imaging for their attention and valuable questions. 

Next time

While in Bologna, we were fortunate enough to be able to explore some of the city, culture and food and are very grateful to our Italian members of staff and distributors for ensuring we enjoyed our time. We are very much looking forward to the next edition in Obihiro, Japan 26-30 June, 2026 and hope to meet some of you there. 



WBC 2022 in Madrid Introducing the scanner you can rely on for breeding success. Easi-Scan:Go Lite

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