BCF donate ultrasound scanner to vet Janey Lowes and Sri Lanka charity

We have assisted Vet Janey Lowes, founder of WEcare Worldwide, by providing an ultrasound machine for her use in Sri Lanka to provide veterinary care for stray dogs.

Vet Janey Lowes from the Westway Veterinary Group in Newcastle-upon Tyne

Janey recently gained huge attention on the BBC with coverage of the charity she founded in 2014. The mission of WEcare Worldwide is to provide veterinary care for less fortunate animals around the world, starting in Sri Lanka. At one point her story of how she is providing free veterinary care to stray dogs in Sri Lanka was the most viewed story on the BBC new site.

Janey commented, "BCF providing us with an ultrasound machine to use in the South of Sri Lanka is an absolute game changer in a country where there are only 2 other scanners nationwide. It will be invaluable and allow us to open up the option of diagnostic imaging to over 100,000 dogs in need, revolutionising the standard of treatment we can provide. Thank you so much BCF."

The ultrasound scanner BCF donated

BCF Managing Director Gavin Mitchell added, “It is great to see such a determined individual, working so tirelessly to make a difference to animal care. One of our company beliefs is to give back to the veterinary community. About 3 months ago, we gave a scanner to Janey and she has been waiting to raise enough funds to send a shipping container of materials to Sri Lanka. Delighted to hear that the container is now scheduled to leave the UK and we are sure the imaging equipment will be a great help.”




For more information about the work Janey is doing in Sri Lanka please visit http://wecareworldwide.org.uk/.

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