Free software upgrade for your ExaPad and ExaPad Mini

With the new software upgrade, your ExaPad just got better.

We are delighted to announce that we have launched a new software update for the ExaPad and ExaPad mini ultrasound systems. The new software release: Version 1.04. is available to all customers with an ExaPad and/or an ExaPad mini and offers even greater functionality for veterinarians.


One scanner, endless possibilities...

Portability, great battery life, long cable length and ExaPad's two probe connectors all contribute to moving around the stable or practice and between clinical applications with ease. The ExaPad range can be used for musculoskeletal, abdominal, reproductive and cardiac imaging and combining this with a streamlined interface provides an ultrasound solution, designed specifically to meet the demands of animal imaging.

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If you already own an ExaPad or an ExaPad mini, then you will be fully aware of the benefits this versatile ultrasound system has to offer and now IMV imaging are offering you a FREE upgrade on your software to enhance your imaging capabilities even further.

What’s new in software version 1.04?

This software update is an important opportunity for ExaPad customers and will not only allow you to benefit from the new functions within the update but once this software update has been applied, any future updates can be installed using a USB key, meaning you can easily install future updates using the USB key and would no longer need to return your system to your local Service Centre to have the update installed.

See for yourself the new features that 1.04 software update bring to ExaPad and ExaPad mini:



Key features of version 1.04 include:

#1 Settings

  • Addition of new Languages: Russian and German.

#2 Probes

  • Addition of probes
    • L1813 (Linear for small fish)

#3 Cardiac module

  • Addition of Cardiology calculation tables
  • Addition of ECG
  • CW Doppler

#4 Field of View

  • Full sector imaging capabilities (sides of the images won’t be cut)

 #5 Low power mode

  • Low power mode function – the system will go into power saving standby mode to preserve the battery life when not in use.

 #6 Additional presets

Equine presets for following probe

  • L738 - LC1038
  • CC550 - LR760
  • C360

How do I get the FREE software upgrade for my ExaPad or ExaPad mini?

To get your FREE upgrade and to benefit from these new features, book your system in to your local service centre by contacting us by phone or clicking on the book now button beside your local service centre:

Global service centres:


IMV imaging France

126, Boulevard de la République
16000 Angoulême, France

+33 5 45 92 03 57

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IMV imaging Ireland
Unit 2, Block 3

City North Business Campus
Co. Meath K32 ER81


+353 (0) 42 932 0070

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North America

IMV imaging North America,
2900 43rd St NW,
Suite 600

Rochester, MN 55901

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South Africa

IMV imaging South Africa (Pty) Ltd
6 Crieff Road,

Parkview Johannesburg,
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United Kingdom

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Phoenix Crescent,

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