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At IMV imaging, we are committed to helping our customers improve animal care worldwide through Partnership, Innovation and Learning.

IMVi Academy

With over 35 years experience in our industry as IMV imaging, formerly known as BCF Technology and ECM (Echo Control Medical), we believe that learning is a vital part of the service that we provide via the IMV imaging academy. Our Clinical team work hard to produce industry-leading learning resources, supported by our expert course speakers - all of whom are renowned in the veterinary profession for their specialist knowledge and experience.

In addition to our online hub, MyIMV, where users can access a wealth of clinical content, images, videos, guides and webinars, the IMV imaging academy organises and facilitates over 100 courses per year across the UK, Ireland and South Africa, giving veterinary surgeons and vet nurses the opportunity to get hands on and improve their practical skills. 

We believe that attending a course gives our delegates a valuable opportunity to take a day away from their practice to learn under the guidance of veterinary surgeons who are specialists in their field, benefitting from the opportunity to ask questions in an open and supportive environment, all while using some of the latest products on the market! Our courses are designed to inspire reflection and build confidence in practice, giving delegates the tools to go back into their practice and make the most of their imaging equipment.

IMVi Academy

Although at IMV imaging we believe that learning is a vital part of your career, the IMV imaging academy is not just a resource for qualified vets. Veterinary students can benefit from the academy’s Facebook groups for small animal, equine and bovine discussion. These lively groups were set up to allow students and registered vets to share learning experiences and network with others in their profession across the many countries in which IMV imaging has a presence. We have even been known to throw in a competition or two, with prizes ranging from a place on one of our courses, to an educational trip to South Africa! Veterinary students in the USA have the opportunity to use our technology through the Student Loan Programme via the academy while on their internships, enhancing their learning experience and building strong relationships at the start of their career.

With a vibrant online learning community and worldwide learning opportunities, get in touch and get the most out of your imaging equipment with the IMV imaging academy!

Customer Testimonials

The success of the IMV imaging academy is measured by the success of its learners, check out what they have to say below! 

  • “Well presented and excellent explanations and guidance.”
  • “I feel so much more confident picking up the ultrasound probe - I can't believe how easy they made it!”
  • “Sally made ultrasound seem much more logical, and the small group size and hands on experience was brilliant. Can’t wait to practise in practice!”
  • “Good practical experience.”
  • “The greatest value of the [Student Loan] Programme is that you get to try out newer equipment that may not be at many clinics yet.”
  • “The best part of [the Student Loan] programme is exposing vet students to ultrasounds and showing clinics the latest technologies offered.”

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