Free software upgrade for your ExaPad and ExaPad Mini (v1.05)

With the new software upgrade, your ExaPad just got better.

We are delighted to announce that we have launched a new software update for the ExaPad and ExaPad mini ultrasound systems. The new software release: Version 1.05. is available to all customers with an ExaPad and/or an ExaPad mini and offers even greater functionality for veterinarians.


One scanner, endless possibilities...

Portability, great battery life, long cable length and ExaPad's two probe connectors all contribute to moving around the stable or practice and between clinical applications with ease. The ExaPad range can be used for musculoskeletal, abdominal, reproductive and cardiac imaging and combining this with a streamlined interface provides an ultrasound solution, designed specifically to meet the demands of animal imaging.

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If you already own an ExaPad or an ExaPad mini, then you will be fully aware of the benefits this versatile ultrasound system has to offer and now IMV imaging are offering you a FREE upgrade on your software to enhance your imaging capabilities even further.

What’s new in software version 1.05?

This software update is an important opportunity for ExaPad/ExaPad mini customers to benefit from the new functions within the update and if you have already taken advantage of previous updates and are currently on version 1.04 then it can be very easily upgraded using a USB key. Saving you time and the hassle of returning your system to your local service centre for the upgrade. If your system is currently operating on an earlier version than 1.04, we advise that you get your system upgraded as soon as possible to make sure that all future upgrades are simple and quick for you. If you are on an earlier version than 1.04 we will need you to return your system to a local service centre for the upgrade to take place, but we will return your system with the latest up date 1.05 and then you are all set for easy and quick upgrades in the future.

What new features are in software version 1.05:


  • USB Freeze switch
  • Favourite presets marking
  • Archiving of old files
  • Easier image review
  • Mandatory patient creation
  • Dual Text mark
  • Pregnancy tables: Choose between weeks + days or days only
  • Automatic Backfat measurement
  • Blanking for all probes
  • User Measurement protocols
  • TeamViewer access
  • L738 depth increased up to 12cm
  • A more comprehensive measurement protocols package
  • Calculation of more Cardiology formulas
  • Webcam access
  • Possibility of putting annotations on clips
  • More presets for small animals
  • Wi-Fi Active at boot up
  • Increased length for video clips
  • ECG works with all probes
  • Post processed images save to the report (not in patient unattached)
  • Compression for DICOM clips

Bug Correction

  • Hard drive HDD recognition
  • Bug correction for Keyboard and annotations
  • Bug correction for Automatic follicle measurement

New probes

  • Phased array probe P713
  • Phased array probe PC325
  • Linear rectal probe LR760S


How do I get the FREE software upgrade for my ExaPad or ExaPad mini?

To get your FREE upgrade and to benefit from these new features, book your system in to your local service centre by contacting us by phone or clicking on the book now button beside your local service centre, we will then be notified of your booking and depending on what software version you are currently on arrange to update your system remotely or arrange for it to be sent to our or your local authorised partners service centre with you:

Global service centres:


IMV imaging France

126, Boulevard de la République
16000 Angoulême, France

+33 5 45 92 03 57

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IMV imaging Ireland
Unit 2, Block 3

City North Business Campus
Co. Meath K32 ER81


+353 (0) 42 932 0070

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North America

IMV imaging North America,
2900 43rd St NW,
Suite 600

Rochester, MN 55901

(507) 529-8200

(800) 210-9665

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South Africa

IMV imaging South Africa (Pty) Ltd
6 Crieff Road,

Parkview Johannesburg,
2193, South Africa

+27 82 6164685

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United Kingdom

IMV imaging,
Imaging House,
Phoenix Crescent,

Strathclyde Business Park,
Bellshill ML4 3NJ Scotland, UK

+44 (0) 1506 460 023

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