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Introducing the scanner you can rely on for breeding success. Easi-Scan:Go Lite

Working on farms can be physically demanding and mentally unforgiving. Anyone who’s ever worked in this environment will tell you that. So anything that makes life a little easier on farms should be embraced. If breeding animals is part and parcel of your work in agriculture, your life is about to become a little easier.

 This work is grueling — involving late nights and early mornings. But what would you say if you could slash the time you spend scanning animals without compromising accuracy? You’d probably say “Where do I sign up?”

Introducing the lightweight, affordable scanner for farms



The ESG Lite is a pregnancy detection scanner that’s designed to make managing breeding programs easier, faster and more cost-effective.

 Following the huge success of the ESG Lite’s predecessors — The Easi-Scan — the device’s developers were tasked with creating something even more durable. And the results of their efforts could lead to breeding success for thousands of farms and veterinary practices.

 The Easi-Scan:Go Lite (to give the device its full name) is a wireless, lightweight and highly durable pregnancy detection device that makes the process of breeding management faster and easier than ever.

 Hardwearing and waterproof, the “scanner you can rely on for breeding success” is designed to be carried around for hours at a time. In even the most challenging of environments and weather conditions, the ESG Lite performs quickly and reliably — making life easier for both farmers and veterinarians.

Reliability and durability without compromising quality

The work of farmers and vets is often challenging and unpredictable. This makes the use of sensitive electronic equipment difficult, to say the least. Having to set up scanning devices and connect them to power sources takes time — and that’s time a lot of farmers simply don’t have.

 But the ESG Lite is as compact as it is reliable. Featuring a sealed case, devoid of wires or connectors, this robust device can withstand the everyday punishment that is unavoidable in busy agricultural environments. A detachable battery allows you to swap power sources in seconds — thus minimizing downtime.

 All this functionality comes without compromising quality. The ultrasound images produced by the ESG Lite are every bit as detailed and reliable as those produced by the device’s larger predecessors.

Built for efficiency

This powerful wireless scanner was designed in line with feedback from farmers and veterinary professionals. It’s capable of performing more scans in less time — freeing up key employees for other important tasks. It’s light and comfortable to wear on a belt, so carrying it around for hours at a time is a breeze.

 The result is a faster, simpler breeding management system that requires fewer resources.

Thankfully, this scanner doesn’t lose any of its performance capabilities. Despite being smaller and lighter than its predecessor, the ESG Lite delivers high-quality ultrasound images every time — thanks to lag-free Smart Beam technology.


Built for safety

Safety concerns were also taken into account when the ESG Lite was designed. Use this powerful pregnancy detection device hands-free, so you’re able to keep yourself balanced at all times.

 The BUG goggles included with the scanner are completely wireless, so there’s no need to worry about snagging wires on objects as you work, retaining your peripheral vision as you work, so you can manoeuvre yourself around objects and animals safely.

 Animal breeding management just became a lot easier — and a lot more affordable. Quite simply, the ESG Lite is the scanner you can rely on for breeding success.

Check out the ESG Lite in more detail here, or contact us for more information here.



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